Past Performers 


We thank all the following bands and soloists who have played Forest Gap since its birth in 2009.  Videos of those performers marked "video" are available on the Vids pages of this website.  This list is current at June 2013, if you've performed and we've forgotten you, please drop us an email.  


Absurd (video)

Angus Forbes (video)

Ava Lyall


Casey Longden

Ciaran Dempsey (video)

Caroline and Rob (video)

Chris Dowding

Corporal Machine and the Bombers

Crooked Little Vein

David Cronenberg’s Wife

Ed Furst (video)

Extradition Order (video)

Furst, Last and Always  


Hands Make Fire

Howard and the Leaves (video)

Huw Costin and Torn Sail (video)

Impossible Things (video)

Hackney Choir

Hadrian’s Union

Joe Fox

Jonathon Holder (video)

Lewis Mason (video)

Lipstick Traces

Lord Lucan

Loud From Elysium (video)

Lucy’s Diary (video)

Mojo Finger (video)

Molly’s Daggers (video)

Mr Dillinger

New London Kings (video)

Nick Saxton

Rags Rudi

Rare Device (video)

Red Bricks (video)

Red Lion

Redstar Lokomotiv (video)

Richard Landen

Robin the Dead

Sleep Under

Slipstream (video)

Sneezy Ts (video)

Son of Buff


Stu Cat  (video)

Spiral Compass


Talk of the Devil

Tenebrous Liar

Terence Malley and Dock Park

The Howards

The Rehearsal (video)

The Scumbags

The Stone Frogs

Third Eye (video)

Third Rail

Three Chords and A Lie (video)

Tin Tone Army

Traffik (video)

Trond K and the Serious Issues

What Larks (video)