Equipment Provided for Performers

We want to make it as easy as we can for bands and performers to play at Forest Gap.


We have a house PA and three mics.  The PA is matched to the size of the venue but fairly basic.  It includes two foldback monitors.  We usually use the PA for vocals only. 


If you are due to play and would like to run another instrument through the PA, please let us know in advance so we can consider this.  If we agree to use the PA for your instrument, please bring whatever leads, specialised mics or other equipment is needed and we'll endeavour to make it work for you on the night. 


The PA is not suited to kick drum, bass guitar or other deep bass instruments.


Thanks to money raised by The Gaffle, we have a house drum kit freely available to performers and ask drummers to just bring breakables.  The kit is a Pearl export in good condition with 2 suspended toms and a floor tom.   
Otherwise performers are expected to bring their own amplifiers or other equipment unless arrangements have been made for them to share with other performers on the same bill.  


Car or van parking is usually available close to the venue.